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Monday, August 29, 2011

Presentation on Flipping the Classroom

Below please find a new Prezi that I just created on Flipping the Classroom. It is based on the ideas and discussions that I have been having these last six months on this blog thanks to the participation of many of you. As always, I welcome your constructive feedback.

  • One note. This is the first time that I have used Prezi in a number of months. As I have blogged previously, this program was always so innovative and powerful but had a steep learning curve. Not anymore! Prezi is now so easy to use. It comes with pre-made templates, paths that can be easily modified, and the ability to embed YouTube videos. What a difference between the older Beta Prezi version and this fully formed product! I highly recommend you give it a try to add spice to your presentations and avoid "Death by PowerPoint".

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Flipping Out

This is cross-posted on my TanachRav blog.

I am planning to try the Flipped Classroom model this year in my Nach class. We are learning about Shivat Zion through Sefer Ezra/ Nechemiah, Chagai, Zechariah, and (maybe) Malachi.

Here are my first 5 videos on Ezra Chapters 1-3 with HW assignments as a Google Form for each of them. I welcome your constructive feedback.

1. Ezra Chapter 1, Verses 1-6

2. Ezra Chapter 1, Verses 7-11

3. Ezra Chapter 2

4. Ezra Chapter 3, Verses 1-7

5. Ezra Chapter 3 Verses, 8-13

Friday, August 05, 2011

Can Stanford University's Intro to Artificial Intelligence model be adapted for Torah courses?

I just read about the fascinating Open Course being offered this fall by Stanford University, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. Here is a blog post about it from Darcy Moore: Online Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and an article from the Atlantic: Take Stanford's 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' Course. You can watch a video introduction of the course below.

What makes this course so unique and different from other Open Courseware like MIT's Open Courseware or is you can not only watch the lectures and read the syllabus but you can submit homework, take exams, and be graded, all for free. Learning Lishma! It's kind of like the Nechama Liebowitz model with her Gilyonot that she mailed and graded worldwide but utilizing the Internet to make the process easier.

Is this model being used anywhere for Torah content? I know about YUTorah, Daf Yomi, Nach Yomi etc. I am asking about the aspect of the course where anyone can submit homework, exams, and grades so you are truly taking the course along with the participants in the brick and mortar school. This is what made Nechama Leibowitz's Gilyonot truly unique. (Actually her model was even more unique because there was no course in a brick and mortar school. It was all through her correspondence to her small apartment behind the old Central Bus Station in Jerusalem.) Does anyone have the time and resources to update this model for the 21st century להגדיל תורה ולהדירה?